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Two medals in two competitions: welcome, CSO Voluntari!

Updated: May 30

CSO Voluntari will continue to play in the European North Basketball league.

Season 2023-2024 marked another year of growth for Romania club basketball.

Cluj-Napoca posted third best record (13-5, tied) at the 7Days EuroCup regular season and finished second in Group B.

Romanian giants fell in the quarterfinals against the London Lions, 79-91, in front of 9000 roaring fans.

Romania improved to 11th place in the Basketball Champions league country rankings (results from 2020-2023 taken into account).

Top 10 countries in the BCL country ranking are Spain, Germany, France, Turkey, Israel, Bosnia, Czechia, Hungary, Greece and Italy.

Oradea didn`t qualified for the BCL regular season after a 74-77 loss to Brindisi but advanced to the second round of the FIBA Europe Cup after collecting a 4-2 record in the first round.

ACS Sepsi SIC Sfantu Gheorghe made it to the EuroLeague Women regular season for the first time – in their fourth attempt.

CSO Voluntari reached the 2024 ENBL final in their debut season.

European Cup competition participants claimed silverware in their respective national championships.

Cluj-Napoca defeated Oradea in the best-of-seven title series, 4-1.

CSO Voluntari secured a bronze medal after a 3-0 success against Arges Pitesti.

Ainars Bagatskis and his men finished their season on May 17 at the Pitesti Arena – a venue of the 2024 FIBA U20 European Championship in Division B later this summer.

A silver medal in the ENBL and a bronze medal at the Liga Națională Baschet de Masculin – it`s a solid outcome for CSO Voluntari.

CSO Voluntari was founded in 2005.

The club has two first league teams and is represented in 14 other sports.

As of 2023, the club had 1200 athletes in its system.

CSO Voluntari entered the LNBM in 2019.

In March 2021, the club won the Romanian Cup for the first time and reached the LNBM semifinals.

CSO Voluntari won the second Romanian Cup in 2022 and advanced to the LNBM finals to earn a silver medal after a thrilling 1-3 loss against Cluj-Napoca.

Voluntari have shown cohesion and resilience in their way up, earning respect across all competitions.


The quest continues.


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