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Unstoppable Kasemets scores 39, historic win for Keila Coolbet

Credit: Keila Coolbet

Kristen Kasemets scored 39 points to lead Keila Coolbet past Valmiera Glass ViA, 97-91, on Tuesday, November 21, at the Vidzeme Olympic Center in northern Latvia.

Player of the game

Kristen Kasemets scored 20 or more points in four-out-of-five last games at the Pafbet Estonia and Latvia league.

A 21 year old shooting guard saved best for the road game at Valmiera.

Kasemets scored 26 of his 39 points in the second half, including a crucial 16 points in the third quarter.

Estonian broke the ENBL scoring record, held by Stal Ostrow player Jakub Garbacz.

Kasemets finished with 11/19 shooting from the field, including a 4/6 from the three point line and 13/16 from the charity stripe.

Guard filled the stat sheet with nine rebounds, three assists, one steal and 10 forced fouls.

Kevin Anthony Johnson contributed with 15 points and seven assists.

Big man Denis Krestinin had 10 points and eight rebounds.

Valmiera leader Edmunds Elksnis responded with 20 points, including a 4/6 effort from the three point line.

Experienced point guard had a game high nine assists before he was fouled out.

Pauls Miglinieks scored 14 points, including eight in the clutch time.

Key stats

Kristen Kasemets outscored Valmiera in the third quarter, 16-14.

Guard`s shooting spree resulted in a 24-14 run for Keila, securing a nine points lead, 76-67.

Kasemets added 10 more points in the final frame.

Valmiera fought to the last, thanks to big plays by Taeshon Cherry and Pauls Miglinieks.

Duo scored nine points in the last minute to cut the gap to four points, 95-91.

Jānis Kaufmanis fouled Kevin Johnson.

University of Illinois at Chicago guard sank both free throws for a 97-91 lead.

Harun Zrno missed a three pointer and the battle was over.

Game notes

Keila Coolbet escaped the triangle of losses and improved to 1-1, while Valmiera Glass ViA dropped to 0-3.

Peep Pahv`s men have defeated Valmiera in four consecutive games, including three encounters at the Pafbet Estonia and Latvia league.

Points | ENBL records | 30 points club

Kristen Kasemets 39 November 21, 2023, Valmiera 91-97 Keila

Jakub Garbacz 33 January 31, 2023, Wolves 87-75 Ostrow

Liam O`Reilly 33 November 21, 2023, Lublin 85-107 Bristol

Jerai Grant 32 January 4, 2023, Budivelnyk 73-59 TalTech

Cleveland Melvin 30 December 21, 2022, Prishtina 69-89 Lublin

Kristupas Žemaitis 30 January 17, 2023, Sopot 89-86 Alytus

Bryce Alford 30 January 25, 2023, Zielona Gora 78-73 Šiauliai

Trevon Allen 30 November 15, 2023, CSO Voluntari 89-68 Liège


Four best teams from each group will qualify for the playoffs (A1-B4, A2-B3, A3-B2, A4-B1).

The 2024 playoffs – home and away, best-of-two series – will take place from February 1 until March 20.

The 2024 Final Four will take place on April 9-10.

Standings, as of November 21, 2023

Group A

Uniclub Casino Juventus 2-0 (+31)

Bristol Flyers 2-1 (+38)

Polski Cukier Start Lublin 1-2 (-12)

Landstede Hammers Zwolle 1-0 (+15)

Tartu Ulikool Maks&Moorits 1-0 (+12)

Spartak Pleven 0-2 (-29)

Svendborg Rabbits 0-2 (-55)

Hapoel Beer Sheva

Group B

CSO Voluntari 3-1 (+45)

Zastal Zielona Gora 3-1 (+21)

Šiauliai 2-1 (-16)

Seriös Group Newcastle Eagles 2-1 (+20)

Royal Basket Liège 1-1 (+2)

Keila Coolbet 1-1 (-23)

Basket Brno 0-3 (-21)

Valmiera Glass ViA 0-3 (-28)

Tie-breaker 1: Zielona Gora vs Šiauliai 1-0, +26.

Tie-breaker 2: Šiauliai vs Newcastle 1-0, +2.

Tie-breaker 3: Šiauliai vs Voluntari 1-0, +8.


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