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Qualifying scenarios in Group B, as of January 29, 2024

There are five games left in the Group B to be played on January 30 and 31, and February 6 and 13.

In fact, five teams may finish with a 5-2 record if

  1. Seriös Group Newcastle Eagles and Royal Liège Basket win all their games,

  2. Šiauliai defeat Brno and Zastal Zielona Gora defeat CSO Voluntari.

Here are the playoff clinching scenarios (to be updated after January 31).

Šiauliai will qualify if

  1. Šiauliai defeat Brno, Voluntari defeat Zastal Zielona Gora and Newcastle defeat Keila;

  2. Šiauliai defeat Brno and Liège.

Royal Liège Basket will qualify if

  1. Royal Liège Basket defeat Šiauliai;

  2. Royal Liège Basket lose to Šiauliai, Zastal lose at Voluntari, Newcastle win at Keila Coolbet, Zastal defeat Newcastle Eagles.

Zastal Zielona Gora will qualify if

  1. Zastal win at Voluntari and Newcastle Eagles;

  2. Zastal lose at Voluntari, Royal Liège Basket lose to Šiauliai, Zastal win at Newcastle Eagles.

Seriös Group Newcastle Eagles will qualify:

  1. Newcastle Eagles win at Keila, Liège defeat Šiauliai and Newcastle Eagles defeat Zastal;

  2. Newcastle Eagles win at Keila, Voluntari defeat Zastal, Šiauliai win at Liège and Newcastle Eagles lose to Zastal by 1-15 points.

All head-2-head results

Zastal Zielona Gora: vs Šiauliai +26, vs Liège -23, (vs Voluntari 3101), at Eagles 1302

Royal Liège Basket: vs Zastal +23, vs Newcastle -8, vs Šiauliai 0602

Šiauliai: vs Zastal -26, vs Newcastle +2, (vs Brno 3001), at Liège 0602

Seriös Group Newcastle Eagles: vs Šiauliai -2, vs Liège +8, (at Keila 3101), vs Zastal 1302

Standings, as of January 29, 2024

Group A

Uniclub Casino Juventus 6-1 (+104) Qualified

Bakken Bears Aarhus 5-1 (+69) Qualified

Tartu Ülikool Maks&Moorits 4-3 (+22) Qualified

Bristol Flyers 4-3 (+62) Qualified

Polski Cukier Start Lublin 3-3 (-1)

Landstede Hammers Zwolle 1-3 (-44)

Svendborg Rabbits 1-6 (-156)

Spartak Pleven 1-5 (-56)

Group B

CSO Voluntari 5-1 (+67) Qualified

Royal Liège Basket 4-2 (+60)

Zastal Zielona Gora 4-1 (+25)

Šiauliai 4-1 (+39)

Seriös Group Newcastle Eagles 3-2 (+20)

Keila Coolbet 2-4 (-39)

Basket Brno 1-5 (-58)

Valmiera Glass ViA 0-7 (-114)


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