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First games in Italy and Kosovo: playoff schedule revealed

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Eight cities in five countries will host the 2023 ENBL playoffs. Eight teams will play home-and-away series to determine the Final Four participants.

Action will start on Wednesday, March 8, with two games at Ness Ziona and Szczecin.

Ironi Ness Ziona will host the 2023 Polish Cup finalist Polski Cukier Start Lublin.

King Szczecin are set to face KB Sigal Prishtina on the same day.

The next two teams will enter the playoffs on Saturday, March 11, with BC Wolves hosting Budivelnyk Kyiv at Alytus.

An All-Polish duel between Stal Ostrow and Zastal Zielona Gora is scheduled on Sunday, March 12.

Budivelnyk Kyiv are playing their home games at the Pala Coccia in Veroli, one hour drive southeast of the Italian capital Rome.

KB Sigal Prishtina will host the first ENBL game on Monday, March 20, at the Pallati i Rhinise dhe Sportev.

SCHEDULE (local time only)

(A1) Polski Cukier Start Lublin – Ironi Ness Ziona (B4)

Game one: Wednesday, March 8, Ness Ziona 18:00

Game two: Monday, March 20, Lublin 18:00 UPD February 20

(A2) Budivelnyk Kyiv – BC Wolves (B3)

Game one: Saturday, March 11, Alytus 17:20

Game two: Saturday, March 18, Pala Coccia di Veroli 19:30

(A3) Zastal Zielona Gora – BM Stal Ostrow (B2)

Game one: Sunday, March 12, Zielona Gora 16:00 UPD February 20

Game two: Tuesday, March 21, Ostrow 19:00 UPD February 20

(A4) KB Sigal Pristina – King Szczecin (B1)

Game one: Wednesday, March 8, Prishtina 19:00 UPD February 27

Game two: Monday, March 20, Szczecin 18:00 UPD February 27


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