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Brno calling: know your referees

Experienced. Professional. Respected. Meet the referees of the European North Basketball league.

Michal Scholze

  • Upcoming FIBA referee.

  • NBL Mattoni league referee at Czech Republic`s top flight.

  • Regular ENBL referee.

  • Went to FIBA clinics in Belgium and Estonia.

  • Has worked at the 2022 ENBL Final Four, including the final.

Gatis Saliņš

  • One of the top referees from Latvia.

  • FIBA referee from 2017.

  • Basketball Champions league referee from 2018.

  • Has worked at many international events, including the Women`s EuroBasket, the FIBA U19 World Cup, VTB league and the 2023 FIBA World Cup qualifiers.

  • Has worked at the 2022 Women`s World Cup final USA – China in Sydney, Australia.

  • A 2022 referee of the year in Latvia.

Veronika Vavrova

  • FIBA referee from 2017.

  • A regular referee at the EuroLeague Women and the EuroCup Women.

  • Czech NBL Men since 2021.

  • Has worked at the 2021 FIBA U19 World Cup for Women.

  • Has worked at the 2022 EWBL Final 4 in Pieštany, Slovakia.

Michal Kuzia

  • Top division in Poland from 2017.

  • Has worked at the Polish play-off games for men and women.

  • Has worked at the Alpe Adria Cup (AAC) from 2018 – the competition in 2021 featured four clubs from the Czech Republic, three teams from Croatia and Austria, two from Slovenia and one from Poland.

Bogna Podkowinska

  • A referee at the Polish Top division from 2018.

  • Has worked at the Basket Liga Kobiet play-offs.

  • Has worked at the Alpe Adria Cup (AAC) from 2018.

Štěpán Pokorný

  • A Kooperativa NBL referee from 2018.

  • A regular KNBL play-off referee, including the 2022 Czech semifinals.


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