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Valmiera Hall of Fame

Valmiera is the city of outstanding athletes, known far beyond the Latvian borders. Jānis Kaufmanis known as Kauča won the Latvia and Estonia basketball league, as well as the Estonian championship and Estonian Cup titles in 2021.

The Lightning Feet

Jānis Daliņš (1904-1978) was a famous Latvian race walker. He won a silver medal at the 1932 Olympic games in Los Angeles, becoming the first Latvian to win an Olympic medal under the Latvian flag. Valmiera track and field stadium is named after him.

The Machine

Māris Štrombergs (born March 10, 1987) won the first ever Olympic gold medal in BMX cycling at the 2008 Summer games in Beijing. The one and only BMX athlete who has won two consecutive Olympic gold medals for Men.

The Latvian Rocket

Dairis Bertāns led Latvia to a bronze medal at the 2007 FIBA U18 European Championship in Madrid. It was the first ever youth medal for the Latvian men. The shooting guard registered a 53,6% accuracy from the three point line in Euroleague, while playing for Olimpia Milano. Captain of the national team. Made it to the NBA and played for the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Latvian Laser

Dāvis Bertāns (born November 12, 1992) is probably the best ever Latvian three point shooter. Younger brother of Dairis was selected with the 42nd pick in the 2011 NBA draft by the Indiana Pacers. Represented the San Antonio Spurs for three seasons (2016-2019). On July 6, 2019, Bertāns was traded to Washington Wizards. Signed the second biggest contract in Latvian sports history on November 21, 2020 – a five year, $80 million deal with the Wizards.

The Power Plant

Ilze Jākobsone is a Latvia Women`s Basketball team player. Point guard has played for top teams in Latvia and Germany, including the EuroLeague Women side TTT Rīga. Ilze is known for her vitality and energy, earning a nickname “Mazā Ķeguma stacija” (the hydro power plant on Daugava river, opened in 1939). Represents Bešiktaš Istanbul since 2021.

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