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Tough calls: quarter-finals, first round

The Tough Calls are sponsored by Fiziocentrs – a well known physiotherapy clinic in Latvia. The videos shown below will help to understand the game, referees and rules.

1. Blue 77 legally plays in defense and touches ball, while White 25 is trying to make a field goal. The ball goes out ouf of bounds. Referees show a direction for the White team. Head coach of Blue team asks for a Head Coach Challenge (HCC). After watching Instant Replay System (IRS), a direction was changed for the Blue team. Correct decision by referees.

2. Blue 30 scores three points in offense. Referee counts three points but has doubts. During the first dead ball situation decides to use IRS and realize – Blue 3 has stepped on the three point line. Referees count two points. Correct decision by referees.

3. White 10 in offense makes a shot shortly before the end of 24 seconds period. He shoots and scores. Referees make a call and cancel a basket. Correct decision by referees, because yellow light was seen on backboard, while the ball still was in the hands White 10.

4. White 10 drives to the basket, while guarded by Blue 5. Blue 5 rans laterally. White 3 pushes defender with a left hand. The last one falls down. White 3 scores a basket. Referees show Blue 5 warning – flop situation. Incorrect decision by referees, because White 3 got illegal space for driving with push.

FIBA rules: It is a foul by an offensive player with the ball to “Push off” to prevent the defensive player from playing or attempting to play the ball, or to create more space for himself. Use an extended forearm or hand, while dribbling, to prevent an opponent from gaining control of the ball.

Must be offensive foul and a cancellation of basket. Even with incorrect decision by referees, behaviour of the the Blue`s team coach wasn`t acceptable and he got penalised right with a technical foul.

5. White 2 drives to the basket, gets a contact from defender – Black 15 – and scores a basket. Referees call a defensive foul for Black 15. Correct decision by referees, because Black 15 moved forward to White 2 and was responsible for this contact.

FIBA rules: The defensive player may remain stationary, jump vertically, move laterally or backwards in order to maintain the initial legal guarding position.


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