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"Polish basketball has sold TV rights": PLK games on Polsat until 2030

Photo: Adam Litwiniuk

Energa Basket Liga and Polsat television have signed a new, seven year agreement on league`s TV rights – was announced in a common press conference on Thursday, March 23.

PLK games will be broadcasted until 2030 and the clubs will receive TV money for the first time in league`s history – starting from 2024/2025 season.

The new contract includes the matches of the Polish Cup and the Polish Supercup, as well as a TV magazine and a season Gala event.

Polsat, starting from 2023, will broadcast 4-5 matches in every PLK round.

The other matches will be streamed via Polsat Box Go, replacing Emocje TV.

Polsat will pay a total amount of 3 000 000 PLN – around 600 000 EUR – to the clubs, starting from 2024.

Radosław Piesiewicz, president of PZKosz and PLK, will step down from his position.

Łukasz Koszarek will take his place as the president of PLK as he ends his sports career this spring.

Polish Olympic Committee (PKOI) will elect its new head on April 22.



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