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King Szczecin: best season ever?

Photo: King Wilki Morskie Szczecin

The Seawolves are eyeing their first Top 4 finish in the Energa Basket Liga and will play at the 2023 ENBL Final Four.

The Szczecin club was founded in 2004 and initially fielded the youth teams only.

Wilki Morskie entered the second league in 2011 and got promoted in 2014.

They have played in the PLK (also Energa Basket League) for eight seasons to post five “Top 8” finishes.

The best result – sixth place.

The club has qualified for the Polish Cup twice and reached the semifinals in 2021/2022 under the leadership of coach Arkadiusz Miloszewski.

Six players average double figures in PLK

As of April 6, 2023, King Szczecin has a 18-7 record and the second place in the PLK standings.

Their best regular season finishes so far?

An 18-14 record in 2016 and 2018.

King Szczecin is playing great on the road to post nine wins and only four losses.

Wilki Morskie have many players to rely on.

Six players – Phil Fayne, Andrzej Mazurczak, Filip Matczak, Bryce Brown, Tony Meier and Zac Cuthbertson – average 10.9 points and more.

George Alexander Hamilton III recently joined the team and played more than 25 minutes in his first game.

Kacper Borowski and Mateusz Kostrzewski also are in the main rotation.

Player statistics

Six players – Kacper Borowski, Bryce Brown, Zac Cuthbertson, Mateusz Kostrzewski, Filip Matczak and Andrzej Mazurczak – have played in every ENBL game.

The reigning 2023 MVP Zac Cuthbertson has scored 110 points.

Point guard Andrzej Mazurczak is the leader in efficiency (147), followed by Cuthbertson (128).

Mazurczak has a team high 54 assists and 14 steals in nine games – he is 15 points short of a century mark.

Kacper Borowski leads the table in rebounds (43).

Five players average 9.4 or more points – Zac Cuthbertson (12.2), Bryce Brown (11.9), Phil Fayne (11.9), Tony Meier (11.8) and Andrzej Mazurczak.

Team statistics

King Szczecin average 81.4 points per game, trailing behind BM Stal (84.9), Polski Cukier Start Lublin (84.4) and BC Wolves (82.1).

The Seawolves are fourth in rebounds (30.9) after BM Stal (35.5), Polski Cukier Start Lublin (35.2) and BC Wolves (35.0).

They are also fourth in assists with 17.7 dimes per game after BM Stal (23.4), Polski Cukier Start Lublin (19.6) and BC Wolves (18.0).

Miloszewski`s team averages 7.8 steals, just behind BC Wolves (8.4), Polski Cukier Start Lublin (8.4) and BM Stal (8.2).


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