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Enisey on tour: know your referees

Experienced. Professional. Respected. Meet the referees of the European North Basketball league.

The following information focuses on the games, held on February 22-26.

Gintaras Vitkauskas

  • One of the top referees from Lithuania

  • FIBA referee from 2010

  • Euroleague referee 2013-2014

  • Basketball Champions league referee since 2016

  • Has worked at many major events, including EuroBasket Women 2013 in France, EuroCup Women 2017 final in Istanbul, FIBA World Cup Qualifiers 2019 and 2023

  • Vice president of Lithuania basketball referees

Andžej Urbanovič

  • LKL referee from 2014

  • FIBA referee from 2019

Juris Brūveris

  • Upcoming FIBA referee.

  • Referee at Pafbet Estonia and Latvia league.

  • Has worked at the European Women`s Basketball league`s 2021 Final Four at Molodechna.

Anna Belousova

  • FIBA referee from 2019

  • First female referee from Latvia in the European Women`s Basketball league (EWBL) Final Four

  • First female referee from Latvia at the Pafbet Estonia and Latvia league

Ritvars Helmšteins

  • One of the upcoming top referees from Latvia

  • FIBA referee from 2019

  • LBL referee from 2014

  • Referee at the Pafbet Estonia and Latvia league

Kristīne Simanoviča

  • FIBA referee from 2019

  • Has worked at several Latvia Women`s basketball league finals

  • More than 10 games at FIBA tournaments in 2021-2022, including an upcoming EuroLeague Women quarter final game at Yekaterinburg on March 22

Elvis Binders-Čoders

  • FIBA referee from 2021

  • Referee at Pafbet Estonia and Latvia league

  • Has attended a FIBA clinic in Thessaloniki

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