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Barnies on fire but Polski Cukier Start Lublin miss its chance at Zielona Gora

Troy Barnies tied an ENBL record in the three pointers made but it wasn`t enough for Polski Cukier Start Lublin as they lost the overtime battle against Zastal Zielona Gora 88-94 (83-83) on Thursday, December 22, at the Centrum Rekreacyjno Sportowe in Zielona Gora, Poland.

Players of the game

Dušan Kutlešič scored 9 of his 20 points in the overtime.

Zastal Zielona Gora forward stole the ball and forced an unsportsmanlike foul by Cleveland Melvin with 100 seconds to go.

Kutlešič made both free throws for a 88-89 lead and posted five more points the rest of the way.

Serbian player outscored Lublin 5-9 during the overtime.

His compatriot Aleksandar Zečevič led Zastal with 22 points on 7-of-15 shooting from the field.

Big man blocked five shots to tie an ENBL record.

Zečevič grabbed five rebounds and earned Douglas award for the best player.

Alen Hadžibegovič proved his efficiency once again.

Montenegro big man had 16 points, nine rebounds and four assists.

Hadžibegovič stole the ball five times to tie an ENBL record.

Bryce Alford (UCLA) had 13 points.

Troy Barnies led all scorers with 27 points on 10-of-16 shooting from the field.

Polski Cukier Start Lublin newcomer made 7-of-8 three pointers in the regulation.

Barnies tied an ENBL record set by Valmiera Glass VIA sharpshooter Jānis Kaufmanis.

A former Maine star added two points in overtime but missed both shots from the deep.

Barnies also contributed with five rebounds, two assists and two steals.

Mateusz Dziemba was deadly from the range too.

Lublin captain made 4-of-5 shots from the three point line enroute to 17 points.

His last three pointer and two points from Barnies gave Start a five point lead in overtime 88-83.

Dayshon Hassan "Scoochie" Smith (Dayton) had a double-double – 11 points and 10 assists.

Klāvs Čavars filled the stat sheet too.

Latvian international posted 12 points, eight rebounds, three steals and two blocks.

Key stats

Polski Cukier Start Lublin led by as much as 10 points in regulation and five points in overtime.

The team from the European Youth Capital 2023 connected 13-of-29 three pointers in the regulation.

Lublin was ruined by a poor decision making at the end of game.

Zastal Zielona Gora finished the game with a 0-11 run.

Hadžibegovič, Kutlešič and Zečevič combined for 11 steals and six blocked shots.

Zielona Gora outscored Lublin in the paint 22-50.

Game notes

Every team in Zielona Gora tournament finished with a 1-1 record.

Polski Cukier Start Lublin had the best point differential (+14), followed by Sigal Prishtina (-6) and Zielona Gora (-8).

Oliver Vidin`s team topped the Group A anyway as Zastal Zielona Gora improved to 2-2.

The hosts delivered a first loss for Lublin.

Three point shots

Jānis Kaufmanis 7/13 February 2, 2022, Valmiera 85-92 Šiauliai

Troy Barnies 7/10 December 22, 2022, Lublin 88-94 Zielona Gora

D.J. Cooper 6/10 December 1, 2022, Sopot 92-100 Ness Ziona

Dardan Berisha 6/10 December 20, 2022, Zielona Gora 75-89 Prishtina

Henri Wade-Chatman 6/9 December 22, 2022, Kalev/Cramo 105-69 TalTech Optibet


Dean Mickelson 5 December 28, 2021, Šiauliai vs Brno

Aleksandar Zečevič 5 December 22, 2022, Lublin 88-94 Zielona Gora

Williams Kavell Bigby 4 October 20, 2021, Tartu 63-81 Anwil


Jonah Mathews 5 October 19, 2021, Anwil 85-69 Valmiera

Dean Mickelson 5 January 12, 2022, Anwil 86-82 Brno

Jonah Mathews 5 February 9, 2022, Anwil 116-55 Liepāja

Alen Hadžibegovič 5 December 22, 2022, Lublin 88-94 Zielona Gora

STANDINGS, as of December 22, 2022

Group A

Zastal Zielona Gora 2-2 (-14)

Kalev/Cramo 2-1 (+42)

Polski Cukier Start Lublin 2-1 (+29)

Budivelnyk Kyiv 2-0 (+34)

KB Sigal Prishtina 1-3 (-40)

TalTech Optibet 0-2 (-51)

Šiauliai 0-0

SCHEDULE (local time in Poland, GMT+2h)

Tuesday, December 20

Zastal Zielona Gora 75–89 KB Sigal Prishtina

Wednesday, December 21

KB Sigal Prishtina 69–89 Polski Cukier Start Lublin

Thursday, December 22

Polski Cukier Start Lublin 88–94 Zastal Zielona Gora


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