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Anwil will host the 2022 Final Four

The 2022 ENBL Final Four will take place at the Hala Mistrzów – Hall of the Champions – in Włocławek, Poland on April 6-7.

Anwil Włocławek is a three time Polish champion, a four time Polish Cup winner and a three time Polish SuperCup winner as well as a four time EuroCup participant. The club was founded in 1991.

Anwil Włocławek and Basket Brno have qualified for the Final Four.

The remaining two participants will be announced on March 30, after the game between Liepāja and Šiauliai-7bet.

Šiauliai-7bet will qualify with a win or with a 1-30 point loss.

Tartu University will qualify if Šiauliai-7bet win at Liepāja.

Liepāja will qualify with a win over Šiauliai-7bet.

STANDINGS, as of March 9

Anwil 5-0 (+122)

Basket Brno 4-1 (+47)

Šiauliai-7bet 2-2 (+0)

Tartu Ulikool 2-3 (-25)

Liepāja 1-3 (-96)

Valmiera Glass/ViA 0-5 (-48)

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