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Aarhus 2024: know your Final 4 referees

Updated: Apr 10

Experienced. Professional. Respected. Meet the referees of the European North Basketball league.

The 2024 Final Four feature six referees from Latvia, Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Belgium.

Oskars Lucis (Latvia) – FIBA referee 2003-2023; Euroleague referee 2007-2016; FIBA referee instructor from Latvia; referee coordinator of the Latvian Youth Basketball league (LJBL); has worked at the 2023 ENBL Final 4 in Ostrów Wielkopolski.

Andrada Csender (Denmark) – Romanian top league referee, FIBA referee from 2012, Denmark top league referee from 2019; has worked four times at the EuroLeague Women Final 4 and at the EuroBasket Women; has worked at the 2024 ENBL playoffs.

Dovydas Kairys (Lithuania) – LKL referee from 2022; has worked at the 2022 NKL Final 4 and the European Women`s Basketball league (EWBL); has worked at the 2024 ENBL playoffs.

Dariusz Zapolski (Poland) – referee from 1994; PLK referee from 2004; FIBA referee from 2012; has worked at the 2013 Universiade in Kazan and the 2023 Universiade in Chengdu; has worked at the 2019 EuroLeague Women Final Four and the EuroBasket Women 2019; has worked at the EuroBasket 2022; Basketball Champions league elite referee from 2017.

Ciprian Stoica (Romania) – Liga Nationala referee from 1999, FIBA referee from 2011, Basketball Champions league referee 2016-2019; has worked at the 2024 ENBL playoffs.

Pierre Gillis (Belgium) – FIBA referee from 2021, Belgium top division from 2017.

Observers on the spot: Mareks Voļskis and Oskars Lucis.

Final Four nominations

Tuesday, April 9

16:00 Liège Basket – CSO Voluntari

Dariusz Zapolski, Andrada Csender, Dovydas Kairys

19:00 Šiauliai – Bakken Bears

Oskars Lucis, Ciprian Stoica, Pierre Gillis

Wednesday, April 10

16:00 Liège Basket – Šiauliai

Ciprian Stoica, Pierre Gillis, Dovydas Kairys

19:00 CSO Voluntari – Bakken Bears

Oskars Lucis, Dariusz Zapolski, Andrada Csender

21:00 Award ceremony

Final Four history

Wloclawek 2022: Anwil Wloclawek, Šiauliai, Basket Brno, Tartu University

Ostrów Wielkopolski 2023: BM Stal Ostrów, BC Wolves, Start Lublin, King Szczecin

Final Four referees


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