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Šiauliai calling: know your referees

Experienced. Professional. Respected. Meet the referees of the European North Basketball league. Photo: Jānis Lārmanis.

Juozas Barkauskas

  • LKL referee from 2014.

  • FIBA referee from 2017.

  • Has worked at the Basketball Champions league.

  • Has worked at the King Mindaugas Cup Final 4 in 2021.

Mateusz Skorek

  • FIBA referee from 2021.

  • Referee at Energa Basket Liga (Poland`s top flight).

  • Has attended a FIBA clinic in Thessaloniki for the young referees together with Rafiks Misirovs and Elvis Binders-Čoders.

  • Upcoming – the 2022 FIBA European Youth Championships.

Elvis Binders-Čoders

  • FIBA referee from 2021.

  • Referee at Pafbet Estonia and Latvia league.

  • Has attended a FIBA clinic in Thessaloniki.

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