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Tough calls: teaching material for Final Four

The Tough Calls are sponsored by Fiziocentrs – a well known physiotherapy clinic in Latvia. The videos shown below will help to understand the game, referees and rules.

1. White 18 stops a fast break by the Black team with a foul. Regular foul, correct referees decision.

2. White 10 drives to the basket, when defender catch a ball. Referees call a travel violation for White 10. Incorrect decision by referees, must be jump ball.

3. White 2 drives to the basket and shoots. Contact with defender Black 15. No call from referees. Correct decision by referees, because Black 15 took a legal guarding position, jumps vertically.

4. Black team on offense, shot made, White 10 pushes Black team player for a rebound. Referees call a regular foul by White 10. Correct decision by referees.

5. White 3 drives to the basket and gets a contact with defender Black 8. Referees call a defensive foul. Incorrect decision by referees. Marginal contact cause from White 3.

6. White team move from back court to front. Defender has a contact and ball gets moved back to the White team – a reset follows and eight seconds are started to count from the beginning. Legal play, no call. Correct decision by referees.

7. Blue 8 in offense, drives to the basket and gets a contact from defender White 22. Blue 8 head fakes White 22 legal play, no call. Correct decision by referees.

8. Blue 11 in offense leaves a pivot foot before the ball leaves, a travel violation. Correct decision by referees.

9. Blue 42 sets a screen, moves without time and distance. Contact with White 24. Offensive foul for Blue 42. Correct decision by referees.

10. Dark 7 steals the ball from dribbler White 0 and starts a fast break but White 0 holds him. An illegal contact caysed by the player from behind or laterally on an opponent, who is moving towards the opponent`s basket and there are no other players between the player moving, the ball and the basket – an unsportsmanlike foul. Correct decision by referees.

11. Yellow 15 sets a screen, but moves forward before a contact with defender Green 25. Offensive foul. Correct decision by referees.

12. In fast break, Yellow 30 drives to the basket and starts an act of shooting. Defender Green 7 makes a contact with Yellow 30. Regular act of shooting foul, Yellow 30 starts an act of shooting, a normal basketball play from Green 7. Correct decision by referees.

13. First, a legal defense from Blue 22 against White 8, jumps vertically, no call. In Blue 1 fast break White 40 a regular foul. Correct decision by referees.

14. In Blue team`s offense, White 28 push out Blue 42 for rebound. Regular pushing, a foul for White 28. Correct decision by referees.

15. In White team`s offense, White 15 sets a screen to Dark 13, contact occurs. No call from referees. Incorrect decision by referees, because White 15 sets a screen, while moving and in contact. Illegal screen.

16. White 13 makes shot with a right hand, protects shot with a left hand but touches Blue 1 face. Offensive foul by White 13, as his left hand is out of cylinder. Correct decision by referees.

17. White 21 makes a shot from corner. Blue team`s defender gets in contact with White 21 shoulder. Regular act of shooting foul. Correct decision by referees.


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