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Tough calls: Final Four 2023

The Tough Calls are sponsored by Fiziocentrs – a well known physiotherapy clinic in Latvia. The videos shown below will help to understand the game, referees and rules.

1. In the end of quarter, Dark 12 scores a basket together with a game clock signal. Referees cancel basket.

Following FIBA Rules, referees can use IRS in this case: FIBA Rules F3. The following game situations may be reviewed: F.3.1 At the end of the quarter or overtime, whether a shot for a successful field goal was released before the game clock signal sounded for the end of the quarter or overtime.

After the use of IRS, referees found, shot was on time. Basket counts, correct referees’ decision.

2. Dark 7 drives to basket, contacted defender White 10 and made an unsuccessful shot at the basket. Correct no call, because White 10 moved laterally, a legal guarding position. On other side, White 40 drives to basket, starts an act of shooting and get contact by knees from defender Dark 13. Referees call foul on act of shooting. Correct decision by referees.

3. In the end of 24.sec.period, Yellow 15 get a pass and shoots, immediately a shot clock signal sounds. No call from referee’s side. Correct decision by referees because Yellow 15 made a shot before the 24-second signal.

4. Black 3 made a shot, ball bouncing on the rim, when Yellow 77 first touches a ring, but after him Black 13 touches a ring too. Referees count a basket. Correct referees’ decision, because Yellow 77 was first, who touch a ring- a goaltending violation.

5. White 15 plays in offense trying to get around the defender Blue 13, when touches him with elbow in face. Referees call offensive foul by White 15. Immediately White 15 disrespectfully deals and/or communicates with the referees, gets a technical foul. After that referees use IRS, to check White 15 elbow contact with a possible upgrade to unsportsmanlike foul.

Correct referees’ decision, offensive regular foul by White 15, contact in face was accidental, game restart with one free throw after a technical foul and a possession for Blue team from back court.

6. In the end of 24.sec.period, White 10 gets a pass and shoots, immediately a shot clock signal sounds. No call from referee’s side. Correct decision by referees because White 10 made a shot before the 24-second signal.

7. Violet 44 shoots last free throw, when defender Blue 42 steps into restricted area while the ball still is in shooter`s hands.

FIBA Rules 43.2.4. During the free throws these players shall not: Enter the restricted area, the neutral zone or leave the free-throw rebound place until the ball has left the hand(s) of the free-throw shooter.

Correct referees’ decision, repeated free throw for Violet 44.

8. Blue 30 makes a steal and starts a fast break but defended Violet 3 holds him. An illegal contact caused by the player from behind or laterally on an opponent, who is progressing towards the opponent’s basket and there are no other players between the progressing player, the ball and the basket- an unsportsmanlike foul. Correct referees’ decision.


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