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Rodriguez, Troisfontaines and Noterman lift Liège Basket into the Final 4

Angel Rodriguez and Olivier Troisfontaines made two three pointers in the clutch time, while Moussa Noterman secured a key rebound for Royal Liège Basket in a 87-96 “happy loss” against Uniclub Casino Juventus on Wednesday, March 20, at the Utenos arena in eastern Lithuania. Liège Basket won the series, 182-180, and booked a trip to their maiden Final Four.

Players of the game

The game and the series went down to the wire.

With 1,3 seconds left on the game clock Dayshon Smith had a chance to finish a four point play.

He missed intentionally to give his team another chance to tie the series at 182.

Juventus plan didn`t worked out as Moussa Noterman grabbed a super important rebound.

It was his first rebound as he was subbed in right after Smith hit a three.

Noterman had six points on 3/5 shooting from the floor and THE REBOUND.

Angel Rodriguez made his first three pointer a couple minutes earlier to cut the gap to nine points.

A former Miami Hurricane finished the game with six points and five assists.

He went 1/7 before THAT THREE POINTER.

Olivier Troisfontaines took a pause on the three point line and released the ball then.

A direct hit.

He scored 21 points on 6/10 shooting from the floor, including 5/9 from the three point line.

E.J. Anosike also scored 21 points.

A former California State University at Fullerton star added 13 rebounds, four assists and one steal.

Anosike forced 11 fouls.

Evaldas Saulys led Uniclub Casino Juventus with 25 points, despite missing a previous LKL game.

Small forward hit five shots from the deep.

Ryan Taylor had 17 points on 4/7 shooting from the field and 8/9 from the charity stripe.

Northwestern standout grabbed five rebounds and blocked one shot.

Ivan Vranes checked out with 16 points and 10 rebounds.

Dayshon Smith had 15 points and a game high nine assists.

A former Dayton Flyer registered five steals too.

Key stats

Uniclub Casino Juventus led by as much as nine points in the first half, 33-24, but still trailed on aggregate, 117-119.

A couple of three pointers by Olivier Troisfontaines and a slam dunk by Kevin Tumba completed a 8-19 run for the visitors, 41-43.

Evaldas Saulys regained a 44-43 lead for the hosts, but Juventus remained behind on aggregate, 128-138.

The game of runs continued into the second half.

A maximum lead for Juventus was registered with 02:28 left after a dunk by Ryan Taylor, 89-76.

The Lithuanians had a two point overall lead, 173-171.

Saulys fouled Anosike after the visitors secured a rebound on offense.

Anosike split the free throws, 89-77.

T.J. Starks missed a two point shot, while Angel Rodriguez answered with his first three pointer, 89-80.

Juventus never regained lead in the series.

Jamelle Hagins made a key steal in the final minute and Oliver Troisfontaines converted another three pointer, 89-83. On aggregate, 173-178.

Game notes

Uniclub Casino Juventus improved to 7-2 but lost the series.

Royal Liège Basket dropped to 5-4 but won the series.

Oliver Kostič and his men finished their debut season with a 4-1 record in the ENBL home games.

Royal Liège Basket is the first club from Belgium – and the BNXT league – which will play in the Final Four.

Alex Zampier and his men will face the winner of the series between Tartu Ülikool Maks&Moorits and CSO Voluntari.

Royal Liège Basket – welcome to the Final Four!

SCHEDULE (local time only)

(A1) Uniclub Casino Juventus Utena – Royal Liège Basket (B4)

Game one: Wednesday, March 13, Liège win 95-84

Game two: Wednesday, March 20, Utena win 96-87

Liège win on aggregate, 182-180

(A2) Bakken Bears Aarhus – Seriös Group Newcastle Eagles (B3)

Game one: Friday, March 1, Newcastle; Bakken Bears win 92-87

Game two: Wednesday, March 13, Aarhus; Bakken Bears win in overtime 96-92 (81-86)

Bakken Bears win on aggregate, 188-179

(A3) Tartu Ülikool Maks&Moorits – CSO Voluntari (B2)

Game one: Tuesday, March 12, Tartu win 83-76

Game two: Tuesday, March 26, Bucharest 19:00

(A4) Bristol Flyers – Šiauliai (B1)

Game one: Thursday, March 7, Šiauliai win 84-76

Game two: Tuesday, March 19, Šiauliai win 90-79

Šiauliai win on aggregate, 174-155


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