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ENBL access: LIVE from Tartu and Liepāja

Ready for action and satisfaction? Tune in to watch four games from the student capital of Estonia – and upcoming 2024 European Capital of Culture – the magical Tartu on December 1-2. Fast forward – and there`s one more game from Windy city of Liepāja on December 4.

First option: Facebook Live on demand, price 2,29 euros per game


Wednesday, December 1

17:00 Brno Basket – Borisfen Mogilev

19:30 Tartu Ulikool Maks&Moorits – Valmiera Glass/ViA

Thursday, December 2

17:00 Valmiera Glass/ViA – Brno Basket

19:30 Borisfen – Tartu Ulikool Maks&Moorits

Saturday, December 4, Liepāja Olympic Center

Second option: watch Best4sport TV in Latvia

Twitter: @Best4SportTV


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