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ENBL access: LIVE from Liepāja

There is one game left in the regular season and two spots in the Final Four are at stake.

SCHEDULE (local time)

Wednesday, March 30

19:00 Liepāja – Šiauliai 7bet


Second option: watch Best4sport TV 2 in Latvia

Website: http://www.best4sport.tv/

Twitter: @Best4SportTV

Facebook: @Best4Sport.tv

Qualifying scenarios before the game

  1. If Šiauliai wins – Šiauliai finishes 3rd and Tartu 4th;

  2. If Liepāja wins by 1-13 points – Šiauliai finishes 3rd and Liepāja 4th;

  3. If Liepāja wins by 14-30 points – Liepāja finishes 3rd and Šiauliai 4th;

  4. If Liepāja wins by 31 points – Liepāja finishes 3rd and Šiauliai 4th.

STANDINGS, as of March 29

Anwil 5-0 (+122) Q

Basket Brno 4-1 (+80) Q

Šiauliai-7bet 2-2 (+0)

Tartu Ulikool 2-3 (-25)

Liepāja 1-3 (-96)

Valmiera Glass/ViA 0-5 (-48)

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